Post your ideas for new Xpoze PRO features.
The best Idea of the year will be repaid with a free license!

I have three ideas.

The first is a comp card download. Some agencies allow you to download a low res image with a watermark. This allows clients to print or work the photo into whatever they are working on before buying the full image.

Second idea is a admin backend that allows the admin to add pages and albums(stock, editorial, vectors, etc..) in the menu easier. Also, the ability to change whats on those pages in a wysiwyg manner.

Last but not least a API system that will allow people to code third party software like aperture upload, lightroom upload, facebook login,
and other custom functions.

I would love to see these features but your software is great keep it up.

1) Search function should be able to search information in EXIF and IPTC.
2) An easier way to edit your shopping cart. It's a hassle to delete the image from the cart and then re-add it in a different size.
3) Easier way to purchase. Clicking 'download' with the menu appearing is not convenient.

Sorry if some of these already exist and I have missed them in the feature list.. I'm saving up to buy my Xpoze script at the moment (and being disabled means money is always tight)

Make a matching WordPress (Blogging) and/or BuddyPress (Forum) theme to match templates so users can intregate their Xpoze site with a WordPress site, this would give additional ways to expand the Xpoze site and draw more traffic... or a phpBB intregation.

If the themes thing proves to much of a headache how about a WP/BP plugin which someone can stick in a sidebar? Kind of featured image/search box/slideshow combo?

A simple blog for those who don't like/use WP managed by editors/admin so that announcements can be made on site about things like "added a new category today - Pictures of Flying Unicorns"

A Coupons feature... So Admins can give people a coupon of x credits..

Ability to hold competitions. Monthly, Weekly or one off for best submitted photo of the month/week/other... Prizes could be cash or credits.

Add more merchants - WorldPay, 2Checkout, Google Checkout.

A manual checkout so someone can order photos which are held on standby until Admin says they've been paid for then people/businesses can pay by bank transfer/cheque etc.

An iPhone/iPad and Android app so people with iPads, Galaxy Tablets etc can use the site more easily (probably offered as a module?)

A facebook app people can add the details for their site to and use to promote on their Facebook Wall or as part of a seperate Facebook Page.

My brain has now run out of steam.... so I'm going to have a lie down! ;-)

Have a nice weekend

Image folders within your account that requires a username and password for clients to view/purchase images within that area. For portrait work or special clients.

Tiered system for photographers:

Gold, Silver, Bronze, with different levels of commission for each.

The ability to crate modules for it so the updates can be installed easy without loseing changes.
It is true you have almost everything that is truly needed but some people might want more then just some minor changes.
This would also help you crate a community of developpers makeing modules and getting you over the top.


Add a "Send site mail" .. to be able to send mails to the users.. from their profiles. Would be nice for users to send mail each other.

Add the ability to order sized prints of the picture.

-> Order Picture(s) in different size prints maybe options like t-shirt cap etc

-> View Orders
-> Edit/Update Orders
-> Add/edit/delete size/print options

-> Ability to control which size/print options are available with each picture.

If the above was added I would buy. Please keep me posted on any changes.

Each new image loaded becomes the top banner of the website, so that each member has their photo featured as a banner.

Also a downloadable demo would be nice

Time saver to be able to FTP images to a directory structure that imitates the structure of the gallery. Then an option in the admin page to import the structure and images into the main site structure adding watermarks etc. The images can then be removed from the uploaded structure.

I would love to see a frontpage slideshow, with fade effect or something like that. You should of course manage it in the admin section.

A drop down menu when you are not approving an image with canned email responses on why the image is not being approved and also the image name that is not being removed would be great.
A few of our members have gotten confused about whats being not approved and what is.

An option for people to order prints of the image/graphic would be awesome!
Have the option to sale them in different sizes, different materials/finishing and quantities.
Also have order history for reordering purposes.

Im interesting for Xpoze scripts but missing photo zoomer.
This option its essentially for selling!

A buyer option to request shots - they provide a description - the photographers try to meet their demands.
This should be a paid for by the buyer by reserving credit(placing a bid)- the photographer gets a high % of the buyer bid.
The buyer should be able to retract bid and regain credit after a minimum time period.
If the buyer wants an exclusive shot then they are additionally charged a set fee and a % of this also goes to the photographer!

Affiliate program

It would offer a great way for members to get some wicked marketing from our members.

Something that could handle a percentage of purchases.


Grate job so far.
I don't think this is a prize winning idea but it would be good to have a shopping cart.
It could be something like the favorites section but with batch download possibility.
That way people can select the images and the download all at once.

Take care,

Video section is to basic.
It's nice and secure but doesn't offer enough flexibility.
I know for more video flexibility there's the need for special server support but the people who need video they can also get the server to the specs.


I think a CD collection would be very useful.
That way sellers could compile collections of the most wanted images along with some other and sell them at a special price.
I MySQL would really find this useful.


You could add RSS feeds!?
I don't know how useful this would be but lots of websites have it.

Good luck,

It took me a while to find a idea since you thought of almost everything but I found it.
Refer to a friend!
This would be a nice feature and easy to add I guess.

P.S. I love your idea with of the ideas section :)


Search History
This would truly be a nice feature to have.
If you could add it for users not logged in it would be awesome!

Good luck, Matt

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