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Stock Photo Image Gallery Script

The Xpoze Image Gallery Script brings a fully customizable Web 2.0 experience like no other stock photo gallery script on the market. After many years of market analysis, testing and improvement of our code and user interface, we are proud to say that there is no other stock photo gallery script on the market which provides such a unique and user friendly set of image gallery script features. After over 6 years in development we are finally satisfied with our product and are proud to launch the latest version of the Xpoze Stock Photo Image Gallery Script on our website. Please browse our site to learn more about the image gallery script features on offer and to see what is new in our latest version.


Give Xpoze more power!


iPoze is a Windows desktop application intended to further help with uploads.

Besides new fast upload options, iPoze also provides fast access to account statistics, private messages and account reports for all of you who like to keep an eye out on your sales.

When minimized the program will sit in your system tray and refresh your account stats periodically. If you wish to be alerted of new messages, sales, pending file approval or decline and subscription expiration you can simply activate the wanted alerts in the settings area as you can also set auto login and refresh time.

Batch Upload

Ads the ability to upload large numbers of files to the server simple and fast is one of the most requested features.
Using this tool you can start an upload of hundreds of images and then do something else while upload in in progress.
Once upload is done you can add all the details to your images fast and simple with the IPTC extraction feature of the batch section.


The system accepts avi, mpeg and wmv files. If your server has codecs for other encodings, support can be added for those to.
When uploading a video, the system converts a copy of the file to a low quality flv and extracts up to 6 frames for thumb and preview usage.
The original video is safely stored and only delivered to the legit buyers.


Once you have edited an image you can chose to save it thus replacing the original or save it as a copy. The edited copy of the image will be saved in the users batch section for processing.
This tool has been built mostly cause of customers requests to provide rotate option that is much needed when sellers upload images straight from their camera without rotating the portrait images first.